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Dog Grooming Software

Cloud Services & How does it work for you?

The internet is alive with this ‘cloud’ term, but what does it mean? Does is it relevant to my business, startup, small or large?

Well the simple answer is as follows:

Cloud Service, its about having a website, application, database, etc.. online with someone else looking after after it with all the administrative features (ie updates, backups, monitoring) that go with it. Simple!

Is it relevant to my dog grooming\pet service business?

Absolutely, The days are numbered for traditional software packages, with everyone and everything online, why limit yourself to a single point of failure?

Traditional software programs are installed on a single\or multiple computers within the same location, what happens if your computer breaks? Did you backup last night? What happens if you cant get into the office because of extreme weather, Working from home?

All of the above is what you have to think about when using traditional software, but with the cloud it takes all this possible pain away, Cloud services are their to help, leaving you focus on running the business.

That’s why Pet Schedule is a cloud service, we run our Dog Grooming Software¬†online, we provide not only the application but look after all the administrative tasks to.

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