Dog Grooming Software

Cloud Services & How does it work for you?

The internet is alive with this ‘cloud’ term, but what does it mean? Does is it relevant to my business, startup, small or large?

Well the simple answer is as follows:

Cloud Service, its about having a website, application, database, etc.. online with someone else looking after after it with all the administrative features (ie updates, backups, monitoring) that go with it. Simple!

Is it relevant to my dog grooming\pet service business?

Absolutely, The days are numbered for traditional software packages, with everyone and everything online, why limit yourself to a single point of failure?

Traditional software programs are installed on a single\or multiple computers within the same location, what happens if your computer breaks? Did you backup last night? What happens if you cant get into the office because of extreme weather, Working from home?

All of the above is what you have to think about when using traditional software, but with the cloud it takes all this possible pain away, Cloud services are their to help, leaving you focus on running the business.

That’s why Pet Schedule is a cloud service, we run our Dog Grooming Software online, we provide not only the application but look after all the administrative tasks to.

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The beginnings of Petstar & Dog Grooming Software

When petstar was first founded we were built upon a need, that need happened to be a local business who had been in business for 10 years and built a very good client base.

They have on average 22 dogs in every day, that’s 440 dogs in every month, that’s thousands of dogs and clients.

They too started off with simply the “Record Cards” and a Fat diary, which was fine 10 years ago and just starting up a business, we all have to watch the pennies\cents when starting up.

However in just a few years they had built a very successfully business and their current system just became noise, Mr Smith booked in, which one is he we have over 30 cards with the name Smith?

Then the “Fat Diary” had so many crosses, errors in that trying to read it was difficult.

It finally got to a point where trying to manage this many appointments and clients in the current format was proving to be too difficult, something needed to change.

I was approached by the company and asked if I could help, in just a few weeks I helped build them a simple Client record system and this seemed to have worked for them for six months, then they asked for a Schedule to be added.

I decided to start again and build a whole new product, something simple, but provided all the options and features needed to run a dog grooming business, but the product wasn’t just aimed at the pet grooming sector, it was aimed at Kennels too.

After 6 months of work the product “Border” was launched in 2010 and was sold around the world aimed at the PC market.

After 12 months we started to notice that sales started to drop off, also the rise of the tablet was really started to take off, particular allot of the questions we got was “does this work on the ipad?”.

We noticed a big change in the market and the pet grooming software we had first written over 18 months ago was becoming defunct, the tablet, the mobile device the rise of the “Cloud” was becoming the way of the future.

In early 2012 we decided to stop developing “Border” and we decided to completely rewrite our dog grooming software from scratch, this time it would be based in the cloud, providing a “one stop shop” a complete service, where we provide a Live system, Support, updates, backups.


We launched Pet Schedule ( our new dog grooming software in October 2012, it had taken 8 months to rewrite, but this time it was aimed at all pet service business, mobile groomers, kennels, dog walkers, pet grooming salons, doggy day care and more.

We also took advantage of the “web” allowing the system to send email appointment confirmations, automatic reminders.

The best thing of all Pet Schedule is FREE, we have had great success over the last 12 months and built up a bigger client base in two months then we did in 18 months with Border.

A few months ago we released our “Premier” version, a subscription service which allows customers to upgrade and access many new features over our Free version, we also added text messaging service to system as well.

So as we continue to develop Pet Schedule we want to thank all our premier customers who are helping to support us going forward allowing us continue to improve our system and offer excellent support to all our customers.

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